Sebastian Sibelle

Engineer by nature, hipster by nurture. Dismantling human problems and mending them with the internet.

Web Developer at Squareweave
Technology design and implementation. Code, databases, APIs and optimisation. Documentation management and server management.
Member of Capsule
Three piece band of rocking out internet and doing projects together like pals.
Co-Founder of Regular
Automate subscription billing.

Projects I've worked on.

Helped build the Promobay
Building front and back end for the Promobay. Improving the user experience and choosing features from user feedback.
Project managed and implemented the Climate Council website
Managed the project for the new Climate Council Website
Built and maintain Road to Refuge
Build the back-end for the road to refuge site including CMS
Taught Code Dependency
Taught a group of 10 the basics of the internet and programming as part of a 6 month course
Built Goat Remix Dot Com in an afternoon
Built a site to agreggate goat remix videos on youtube so you can have goats all day long!